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Experience with Sleep for 71 Days – Perfect Cure!

They call us dreamers, but we are the ones who don’t sleep – Anonymous

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs should not sleep, they should work all the time like a workaholic. Entrepreneurs spent their time working while others are sleeping. All I can say is “Bullshit”. We people have the wrong mentality about sleep, if you go out there and ask the successful entrepreneurs about their sleep, they’ll proudly say 7-8 hoursRead more

Huawei Honor Holy 2 Plus : The Battery Beast

Holy 2 plus? na na na? it’s holy battery beast! 😀 Today we have the Huawei honor holy 2 plus for a hands-on review.  Basically, I don’t do much “omg” thing while reviewing a device, I’m a type of reviewer who concentrates primarily on the usage needs of a normal user to an advanced smartphone user.
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How to Sell Domains Fast with Aishwin Vikhona (Book)

I’m into this domain name industry since 4 months and the results I’ve got so far is seriously too good! I might have luckily made few sales, but I’ll never make mistakes from now. Being a blogger and webmaster, we all feel too good buying domains for our new venture. I just found out a passionate domainer in me :) .
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MyThemeShop Affiliate Program (2nd Tier) – You’ve got Cash

Let me tell you one thing frankly that I’ve made only $55.71 (INR 3740) from MythemeShop affiliate programbut also understand the fact that I was unaware of the 2nd tier affiliate program when I was making this income. Well, I was totally confused when I used to get this kinda emails that says,
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7 Best Backlink Checker Tools You Can Trust in 2016

Backlinks are seriously important when it comes to the search engine ranking status of your article. The more good quality (natural) backlinks you’ve, the more search engine health you got. Though Google is trying to pull down the scenario of creating backlinks, but still it helps like a charm!

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WebHostFace Coupon Code : 50% Off on Hosting

Hosting is the most important thing which we webmasters and bloggers are really worried about. Affordability, uptime, bandwidth, real-time traffic management and a lot of stuff are making us weird.
Read more Coupon: Get 30% Off (Android + iOS) Package

I already wrote an article about Appmaker considering my personal experience with them. I’ve blogged my review, their packages and the amazing service which they’re providing. Here I’m gonna give you another thing, an Coupon Code
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Appmaker Review: Create Your WooCommerce App in Seconds

Woocommerce to Android? or to iOS? How about creating your own WooCommerce App in seconds without even writing a single line of code? It is possible with a mesmerizing new platform, we call it Appmaker.
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How to Use Images from Google Images Without Copyright

Google Images has the best image collections we have ever seen while we search for something, we get the best images out there with the best quality available. Do you think these images are free? or are you using them freely without adding proper credits or are you aware of the violations you’re making?
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10 Interesting Bucket List Ideas Worth a Shot

Bucket list? That might be something new to you, but let me tell you one thing. Everyone should have a bucket list and everyone out there should try their best to finish their bucket list before they die. Well, what is a bucket list and why is it so important?
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